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The Last Great Taboo

Highly acclaimed author and poet Marcia Falk wears the label “post-theist” to widen the definition of Jewishness.

Jewish Genes Are Not Enough

In our modern society, many who have been born with Jewish DNA seek farther and deeper when it comes to identifying as Jewish.

hebrew alphabet background

An Unapologetic Atheist

Artist Fran Forman sees the patriarchal language in prayers as symbols of an ancient culture.


Bringing Bigness to the Table

Why one atheist rabbi says there is great comfort in questioning, storytelling, and acting “as if.”


The Atheism Spectrum

Whether we believe in God is not a yes or no question; there is a whole scale of answers to explore.

Leaf and drops of water on it

God Is Beside the Point

Parenting expert Ruth Nemzoff loves how Judaism makes room for disagreement on so many topics, including the belief in God.


Volume 9, Issue 1, 5776

Do Jews Need God?


Finding Magic in the Alphabet

Why Lynne Avadenka is inspired by the shape of letters and the meaning those shapes can convey when combined.


The Paper Manipulator

How Andi Arnovitz seduces the viewer visually and opens them up to a new idea or form of protest.


Where Nature Always Wins

Jess Riva Cooper finds artistic inspiration in the power of nature to reclaim spaces once occupied by humans.