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From Ultra-Orthodoxy to Secular Jew

How Leah Vincent separated from ultra-Orthodoxy and trekked into the unknown.

My Long and Winding Road to Rabbinical School

Why one 40-something lawyer decided to change career paths in spite of the numerous obstacles before her.


Keeping the Faith at 16

Why Fabulous Flores became determined to convert to Judaism at the age of 16.

Jewish Holiday Shabbat

Falling in Love with Shabbat

Why it took traveling to America for one Israeli woman to learn how meaningful Shabbat could be.

old or new life

After the Suicide Bombing

How an Israeli mom and midwife found a new appreciation for life after a restaurant bombing in Tel Aviv.


Volume 8, Issue 5, 5775

New Year Special: 5 Inspiring Tales of Starting Over

Woman Writing On Book

Memoir Picks

If you prefer your stories to be true in addition to entertaining, check out these five amazing reads from Jewish women memoirists.

Searching for Facts vs. Fiction - Magnifying Glass

Nonfiction Picks

If you’re itching for highly readable books that enlighten you and provide good fodder for your summer BBQ, check out our nonfiction selections.

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Contemporary Fiction

For those who prefer to get lost in a made-up journey with intriguing Jewish characters, take note of our favorite fiction list.


Historical Fiction Picks

If you like your fiction to bring you back in time, whether it’s 19th century or the 1960s, you’ll love these picks we culled together.