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Finding Magic in the Alphabet

Why Lynne Avadenka is inspired by the shape of letters and the meaning those shapes can convey when combined.

The Paper Manipulator

How Andi Arnovitz seduces the viewer visually and opens them up to a new idea or form of protest.


Where Nature Always Wins

Jess Riva Cooper finds artistic inspiration in the power of nature to reclaim spaces once occupied by humans.


Straddling Two Worlds

How Sarah Zell Young relies on ancient Jewish text to create her provocative performance art.


Gravitating Towards Grids

Jeanne Williamson doesn’t see fences as a way to keep people in or out, but as a form of protection and an inspiration for art.


Volume 8, Issue 6, 5775

Fall into Jewish Art


From Ultra-Orthodoxy to Secular Jew

How Leah Vincent separated from ultra-Orthodoxy and trekked into the unknown.

Cul-de-sac in the outskirts of the city

My Long and Winding Road to Rabbinical School

Why one 40-something lawyer decided to change career paths in spite of the numerous obstacles before her.


Keeping the Faith at 16

Why Fabulous Flores became determined to convert to Judaism at the age of 16.

Jewish Holiday Shabbat

Falling in Love with Shabbat

Why it took traveling to America for one Israeli woman to learn how meaningful Shabbat could be.