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Volume 7, Issue 4, 5773

Jewish Camp Flashbacks

A Place to Be Visible

Going to a Jewish summer camp meant participating in all the activities I wanted without being tormented.

Melissa The Path Less Travelled - 614 eZine Vol 7, Issue 4

The Path Less Travelled

I learned the hard way that Jewish camp isn’t the only path to a strong Jewish identity.

A group of kids shouting

Making Shabbat Our Own

Summer camp happily surprised me by being the exact opposite of Hebrew school.

Sesame Seed Bagel, Viewed From Above

“Operation Bagel” Backfires

How my Jewish-camp friendship nearly landed me in the hospital

Teen boy kissing girl

Training Ground for Hooking Up

Missing out on Jewish sleepaway camp meant missing those first pivotal lessons of sexuality.

614 eZine Resources

Resources – Vol 7, Issue 4

A sampling of resources that provide more information on Jewish Camps.


Volume 7, Issue 3, 5773

What’s Jewish About “Going Green”?

Business woman holding the earth

Why it’s Jewish to be Green

When we revisit the basic rules of Judaism, it is clear where our duty lies.

earth in hands

Praying for a Sustainable World

Why the founder of Jewcology believes that prayers are a key tool for healing the earth