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There is nothing like escaping into a made-up world and experiencing the lives of complex characters who are nothing like you (or, perhaps, more like you than you’d ever care to admit). The books below cover topics ranging from life at “fat camp” and mysterious love stories to family sagas and murder. What they have in common is that these gripping tales are perfect summer tales for the beach or hammock.

In Diana Spechler’s novel, a young woman struggles to make sense of the link between hunger and emotion, while making peace with her demons.

The Murderer’s Daughters
Randy Susan Meyers was forced to access dark emotional truths in this tale of two sisters who grew up in a house of abuse.

The Paternity Test
In this unconventional family saga, Michael Lowenthal explores the question of who “counts” as being Jewish.

The Laws of Gravity
Liz Rosenberg discusses the inspiration behind her heartbreaking tale of family drama and the ethical questions that haunted her.

Elise Sax draws upon her investigative skills, humor, and Jewish background to create the latest installment of her zany matchmaker series.

The Sensualist
Daniel Torday explains the inspiration behind his gripping coming-of-age tale about a Jewish high-school student in Baltimore.

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