Six Points


A young emerging artist takes pen to paper after experiencing anti-Semitism.

Jennifer Lynn Clay, age 20, has been published approximately 80 times in national and international magazines and in several worldwide-syndicated books. She wrote the poem below when she was just 13, after hearing kids make anti-Semitic comments about the necklace she wore with a Jewish star. Jennifer had received this piece of jewelry from her mother whose own mother handed it down to her. Someday, Jennifer says, she hopes to have a daughter of her own to whom she can hand it down, and who will wear it openly without receiving nasty comments.


I haven’t been aware of it
all day.
It’s just hung loosely
around my neck,
catching the sunlight.
Now on the bus
I overhear a conversation
I don’t want to hear.
I try to tune it out,
so I hear only a soft buzz.
But I can’t shut out
the drone of cruel voices.
I hear an imitation
of machine guns
killing millions.
Just fake, I know,
But at one point,
it wasn’t.
I become very aware
of my star
and gently
tuck it in my shirt.

About the Author

Jennifer Lynn Clay
Jennifer Lynn Clay, from Ohio, has had her writing published in House Blessings: Prayers, Poems, and Toasts Celebrating Home and Family (Chronicle Books, 2005) and Forever in Love: A Celebration of Love and Romance (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2006). Her publications in Chicken Soup for the Soul books include A Tribute to Moms, Preteen Soul 2, Girl’s Soul, Teens Talk Middle School, and Teens Talk High School. She has written several young adult novels, two of which are presently under consideration by publishers.

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