Volume 5, Issue 3, 5771


Our (Complicated) Friendships

Yes, we could go on and on about the immense joys of female friendships, but we assume that most of you already know the numerous benefits. Our pals are good for us mentally, spiritually, and physically, and we are extremely grateful for them. What we were interested in exploring for this issue are the complexities of our friendships and the deep impact they have on how we view the world and ourselves. So, below you will find five deeply personal essays from Jewish women who had something unique to say on this topic.

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Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

In This Issue

  • Click: Ignore clickignore

    When a toxic childhood friend reached out on Facebook, Alice Sparberg Alexiou had to decide whether to reconnect.

  • Jewish Women and Me jewsihwomenandme

    Once I stopped searching for friends, I made peace with both the isolation of mothering and exclusion.

  • The Jewish Chameleon jewishchameleon

    It was not until the year after I graduated college that the majority of my friends were Jews.

  • Crossing the Street crossingthestreet

    Recounting a friendship that opened a window into the world of religious girls and their limited choices.

  • No Legal Standing nolegalstanding

    We could all learn a thing or two about loyalty and friendship from Ruth and Naomi.

  • Resources - Vol 5, Issue 3 614 eZine Resources

    A sampling of resources that provide more information on Jewish friendships.

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