Memoir Picks

We all own private thoughts that would make for intriguing stories; but some writers are brave and determined enough to transform their personal confessions and experiences into tales for the rest of us. Each of the authors in our memoir issue revisited a deep emotional challenge with a fresh eye – including searching for God, switching genders, recovering from a 9/11 tragedy – and shared with their readers the lessons in coping they learned along the way.

Crossing the Borders of Time
A former investigative reporter for the New York Times goes back in time to track down her mother’s lost love.

Through the Door of Life
A Yeshiva University professor’s painful and inspiring journey of transitioning from a man to a woman.

Where You Left Me
One woman’s riveting tale of grief, mourning, and the second chance at love she never could have predicted.

Man Seeks God
A foreign correspondent who is agnostic goes on a quest to find a God he can believe in.

Whatever Is Contained Must Be Released
Helène Aylon recounts her journey from a traditional Orthodox upbringing to life as a provocative, feminist artist.

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