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Below are five interviews with Jewish women authors who have unique perspectives and provide life lessons in their nonfiction. You will learn how to deal with complicated feelings arising from public Jewish scandals, how single women can better navigate the ups and downs of being single, and how to create Jewish desserts your guests will go wild for. You’ll also get a close-up view of life for Hasidic girls, and follow one woman’s search to link the deafness in her family with the Jewish enclaves of Eastern Europe. So find a shady tree this summer, grab a book, and enjoy the journey.

Taking on Jewish Scandals
Dr. Erica Brown on how we can deal with the repercussions of devious Jews doing very bad things.

Seeking Happily Ever After
The editor of 614 shows women how to navigate the ups and downs of being single in a wedding-obsessed world.

If a Tree Falls
When a child is born deaf, a mother seeking answers finds an interesting connection to her Jewish past.

A (Kosher) Culinary Whiz
Why French pastry chef Paula Shoyer took on the parve dessert market.

Meet the “Mitzvah Girls”
The winner of a 2009 Jewish Book Council award explores the world of Hasidic girls in Brooklyn.


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