Volume 1, Issue 5, 5768


Jewish Women Grab the Spotlight

Revenge. Beauty. Sacrifice. Birth. Murder. What if the stories of biblical times were told from women’s perspectives? What if your High Holiday sermon focused on what Eve might have felt or whether Sarah could have sacrificed a son? Jewish women decided it was time to collectively share their own insights, and the Women of Reform Judaism delivered—by creating The Torah: A Women’s Commentary. Eighty biblical scholars, archaeologists, rabbis, theologians, and poets created this 1,500-page work coming to you this December! Below are reviews and inspiring stories from the amazing women who built it.

Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

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In This Issue

  • View from Inside rabbiharaperson

    Meet the brave—and no doubt exhausted—managing editor who helped put together this mammoth project.

  • It’s Mine Too rabbiyoung

    Why one man is happy to say that he owns the household copy of A Women’s Commentary.

  • The Jewish Whistleblower sarahsager

    Meet the woman who made a feminist dream come true by putting forth a challenge.

  • As Long As It’s Choice author_r_finegold

    One Orthodox young woman’s view on the Women’s Commentary—and whether it should be celebrated.

  • Stories From Contributors torahwomenscommentary

    Personal reflections from three contributors to The Torah: A Women’s Commentary.

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