Volume 2, Issue 1, 5768


How is JDate Shaking Up Judaism?

In 2001, I met my soon-to-be husband on JDate. I remember several of my friends and coworkers being shocked that I a) used on an online dating service to find a guy, and b) was admitting it. I never once felt sheepish; I was just so glad that I met him at all. Julie, the designer of 614, just got engaged this month to her JDate match, and these are different times. Finding matches online is practically a given for most daters—and single Jews using JDate is as common as seeing hearts on Valentine’s Day. There are 400,000 JDate members in the U.S. alone! Given its popularity, we wondered here on staff how JDate might actually be changing the way single Jews think about being Jewish.

Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

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