Volume 2, Issue 4, 5768


Our Rights: 5 Women Fighting to Save Them!

Last spring, academics and activists from around the world came to hash out women’s rights issues at HBI’s “Gender, Culture, Religion and the Law” conference. Examples of issues discussed Israeli women being refused the right to divorce and Muslim women being forced to take off their veils in public. The papers submitted were academic (sometimes intimidating), but also courageous and controversial. They came from 11 women around the world who are trying to help others retain the basic rights so many of us take for granted. Below are excerpts from five of the papers that both outraged and inspired us. For more on the conference, click here.

Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

In This Issue

  • Remedy of Desperation rememdyofdesperation

    How one attorney is getting creative with the law in order to help Israeli women who seek divorce.

  • The Divide over Headscarves thedivideoverheadscarves

    Feminist criticism looks at social practices in terms of whether they help or hinder women’s quest for equality with men, but here’s an issue that is not so black and white.

  • Looking Back to Move Forward lookingbacktomoveforward

    Find out why members of one African village are trying to return to ancestral ways to bring back women’s rights.

  • Is Compromise Bad? iscompromisereal

    It can seem messy, unguided, emotional, or political. How do we know when to use compromise and when to resist it?

  • Untying the Knots untyingtheknots

    Why divorce has created a major moral problem for Jews and is endangering Jewish continuity.

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