Volume 2, Issue 5, 5768


HBO, Sundance . . .and The Jewish Channel?

With the Olympics and national conventions over, Americans have been gabbing about the political debates and fall television lineup. For some, it’s the second season of Mad Men; for others it’s the nostalgic return of 90210. But for scores of young Jewish women, it’s the new content on The Jewish Channel (TJC) that they’re checking out. Created last year, TJC offers original programming and never-before-seen films geared to Jews of all ages and denominations. We thought the idea was so cool that we decided to partner with TJC for this issue and go “behind the scenes” to see how they make their decisions and what will most likely appeal to 614 readers.

Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

In This Issue

  • Behind the Scenes at TJC behindthescenes

    How The Jewish Channel was created, the variety of programs offered, and the biggest challenge currently facing the CEO.

  • Top Flicks for Jewish Chicks topflicksforchicks

    A guide to the best films being aired on TJC for and about Jewish women.

  • Queen of Israeli Films queenofisraelifilms

    Israeli film distributor Ruth Diskin talks about hot topics for Israeli filmmakers, what unique qualities she looks for in a film, and what the Israeli film culture is like.

  • Q&A with Rebecca Honig Friedman qarebeccahonigfriedman

    Meet TJC’s Manager of Original Programming, who also happens to be senior writer for Jewess and an old friend of 614.

  • From Reggae to Revelation from-reggae-to-revelation

    Why a journalist born in Colombia spent three years tracking the various connections between Jews and Rastas.

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