Volume 4, Issue 2, 5770


Jewish Women in Comedy: Is it Okay to Make Fun of Ourselves?

Having survived another winter, many of us are eager to laugh again. So it was a perfect time to explore Jewish women comics who are boldly pushing boundaries. One issue that came up a lot in our interviews with comedians is whether it’s okay to make fun of our religion, given that we are a minority? Does it only matter if the joke is funny, or is there more to it than that? We asked some Jewish women comics&#8212from those fairly new on the scene to those who’ve already "made it"&#8212what they had to say on the matter.

Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

In This Issue

  • The Nanny: From Risky to Risqué theNanny

    Actress Fran Drescher straddles the hazy line between hysterical and outrageous in Jewish comedy.

  • Catch a New Rising Star newRisingStar

    Comedian Alana Eisner explains the joy of making a crowd laugh, the anxiety of pissing them off, and what not to do if you’re heckled.

  • Rein in the Jew Jokes reinInTheJewJokes

    Why certain things that some of us find funny&#8212perhaps against our better judgment&#8212should not be spread around.

  • A Documentary Shout-Out to Making Trouble makingTrouble

    Gail Reimer, executive producer of the documentary Making Trouble, shares her insights on this eye-opening film about Jewish women comedians who pushed the boundaries.

  • Meet Stand-Up Comic Betsy Salkind betsySalkind

    She has been questioning religion since she was 10 years old. Find out how Betsy managed to transform her questions into jokes&#8212and make a living from it.

  • Volume 4, Issue 2 Resources 614 eZine Resources

    A sampling of resources that provide more information on Jewish women in comdedy

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