Volume 5, Issue 4, 5771


Jewish Women Recruited

It was hard not to get misty during July 4th tributes for those who fought—and fight today—for our freedoms. Recently, I read that women make up nearly 15 percent of the military’s active-duty population. I realized that while I know women who have served, I don’t know any Jewish women, and became curious. While googling, I stumbled upon an exhibit, “Women in Military: A Jewish Perspective,” at the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, and was amazed at the high number of Jewish women who have served over the decades. Inspired by their courage, I’m devoting this issue of 614 to all of the Jewish women in the military. We salute you.

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Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

In This Issue

  • Skirting the Issue skirtingtheissue

    My cousin was met with disapproval rather than pride after announcing she was one of the first women to enlist.

  • Struggling to Remain Humane struggletoremainhumane

    How one Jewish documentary squashed my naïve view of female Israeli combat soldiers

  • A View from the Trenches aviewfromthetrenches

    Bonnie Koppell’s journey to become the first female rabbi to serve in the U.S. military

  • Racking Up Flight Time rackingupflighttime

    Lisa Stein had no intention of following the military’s existing rule that women could not fly combat missions—and accrued over 1,800 hours of combat flight time.

  • Our Bodies, Our Militaristic Selves ourbodiesourmilitaristicselves

    Why the military needs to deal more directly with the differences of the female body

  • Resources - Vol 5, Issue 4 614 eZine Resources

    A sampling of resources that provide more information about Jewish women in the military.

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