Volume 5, Issue 6, 5772


Unexpected Journeys into Judaism

Last winter, we ran an issue called “My Aha Jewish Moment,” about those surprising moments when we feel a heightened connection to being Jewish. We realized that within this topic is a fascinating subcategory: experiencing strong connections while traveling somewhere new. Maybe it’s being in unfamiliar territory that makes us rethink our Jewish roots. Perhaps it’s the new sights and sounds that encourage us to reconsider our religious background in a new way. We asked several Jewish women to share their own personal insights into why this happens. What do you think?

Michelle Cove, Editor, mcove@brandeis.edu

In This Issue

  • Finding G-d in India findinggdinindia

    How living 5,000 miles from home in a Hindu school in rural south India made me feel more Jewish than ever before.

  • Tourist in a Cathedral touristinacathedral

    At Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica, I couldn’t help but compare my shul from childhood.

  • Pushed and Pulled in Israel pushedandpulledinisrael

    Traveling to Israel made me question whether my Jewish and feminist identities were as intertwined as I thought.

  • My Jewish Armchair Trip jewisharmchairtrip

    How I traveled to Jewish communities in 78 countries without ever getting on a plane.

  • A Wandering Jew with Roots awanderingjewwithroots

    How constant international travel has defined my work, my Judaism, and my very way of life.

  • Resources - Vol 5, Issue 6 614 eZine Resources

    A sampling of resources that provide more information on finding your Jewish roots.

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