Volume 7, Issue 2, 5773

Five Must See Jewish Films - 614 eZine - Volume 6 Issue 2

5 Must-See Jewish Films

It is estimated that only 10 percent (!) of today’s filmmakers are women. In large part, this is because many studio executives doubt that audiences will come out to see “women’s stories.” It also doesn’t help that filmmaking is an all-consuming, money-sucking endeavor, which makes it extra hard for women raising children. But it’s essential that we women tell our stories with our varied voices and visions. So we worked with Amy Geller, artistic director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival, to choose five recent Jewish films made by women, and I was lucky enough to interview each one. Two thumbs up for these courageous and fabulous storytellers.

Michelle Cove, Editor

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In This Issue

  • Life in Stills Life in Stills - an article for 614 eZine

    Israeli filmmaker Tamar Tal documents the beautiful and complicated relationship between a 96-year-old widow and her grandson.

  • DEVOUT v7_i2_article2

    Two 20-something filmmakers go inside the lives of gay Jewish women striving to stay connected to their Orthodox community.

  • Dorfman in Love Dorfman in Love - 614 eZine - Volume 7, Issue 2

    Screenwriter Wendy Kout gives us a Jewish female lead in a romantic comedy who we can recognize and support.

  • The Dreamers The Dreamers - 614 eZine - Volume 7, Issue 2

    Israeli filmmaker Efrat Shalom Danon takes us inside the fascinating world of ultra-Orthodox women filmmakers.

  • Hava Nagila Hava Nagila - 614 eZine

    Filmmaker Roberta Grossman takes us on a fun and enlightening journey to discover what exactly made this song so ubiquitous.

  • Resources - Vol 7, Issue 2 614 eZine Resources

    A sampling of resources that provide more information on Jewish fIlmmakers and films.

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