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From Iraq to America, in a Corset

Why my warm memories of being Jewish in Iraq have, to an extent, washed away. by Cynthia Kaplan Shamash In […]

Moving to the America of the North

Why my sense of Jewish community suffered after moving from Chile to Athens, Georgia. by Marjorie Agosin I grew up […]


Don’t Forget You’re Persian

Conversations, reconstructed and imagined, with my Iranian father. by Farideh Goldin HANUKKAH IN IRAN: Conversations with My Father During most […]


Full Circle from Calcutta

Why my distinct Jewish identity remained an entirely private and family matter after moving to the U.S. by Jael Silliman […]


We Are All in This Sukkah Together

I will always be a Polish Jew, no matter how fluid my Jewish identity may be. by Katka Reszke As […]


Confession from an Israeli

In our years in Boston, I discovered, to my surprise, that I have a very hard time feeling solidarity with […]


Volume 9, Issue 6, 5776

How Moving to the U.S. Shaped My Judaism If you’ve ever moved to a new home, you know how anxiety-ridden […]

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The Israel Anti-Spanking Model

Why America should consider following Israel’s lead when it comes to establishing a law against corporal punishment. by David Cooperson […]


It’s about the Intention

How one rabbi learned as a child to distinguish between spanks for discipline and those out of cruelty. by Rabbi […]


A Mother’s Harsh Hand

At age 23, I cannot account for how my future self will react to my child misbehaving. by Fabulous F. […]