Volume 9

  • Volume 9, Issue 1, 5776 141222_cover_v9_i1

    Do Jews Need God?

  • Volume 9, Issue 2, 5776 150211B_cover_v9_i2

    Chained to a Dead Marriage: Can We Fix the Agunot Issue?

  • Volume 9, Issue 3, 5776 150414_cover_v9_i3

    My Rabbi Disappointed Me

  • Volume 9, Issue 4, 5776 150616_cover_v9_i3

    Best of 5776

  • Volume 9, Issue 5, 5776 150814_cover_v9_i5 (2)

    Is It Kosher for Parents to Spank? Spanking was in the news spotlight this year. There was much controversial discussion after a mom smacked her 16-year-old son (on camera) for throwing rocks at the police during a violent demonstration in Baltimore. In June the Massachusetts Supreme Court established guidelines for the use of physical punishment, including ...

  • Volume 9, Issue 6, 5776 cover

    How Moving to the U.S. Shaped My Judaism If you’ve ever moved to a new home, you know how anxiety-ridden the process can be. Now imagine moving to another country and the enormous emotional adjustment that such a move entails. The new sounds, sights, and smells alone would be overwhelming. So you’d think religion would be ...

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