Volume 9

  • Volume 9, Issue 1, 5776 141222_cover_v9_i1

    Do Jews Need God?

  • Volume 9, Issue 2, 5776 150211B_cover_v9_i2

    Chained to a Dead Marriage: Can We Fix the Agunot Issue?

  • Volume 9, Issue 3, 5776 150414_cover_v9_i3

    My Rabbi Disappointed Me

  • Volume 9, Issue 4, 5776 150616_cover_v9_i3

    Best of 5776 Come December, you’ll likely get inundated with “Best of 2015” lists; but how often do get a “Best of 5776” list (our Hebrew year)? We’re betting not often. So, this summer, we thought it would be fun to offer just that, with our most popular articles from each of the last five issues – a summer grab ...

  • Volume 9, Issue 5, 5776 150814_cover_v9_i5 (2)

    Is It Kosher for Parents to Spank? Spanking was in the news spotlight this year. There was much controversial discussion after a mom smacked her 16-year-old son (on camera) for throwing rocks at the police during a violent demonstration in Baltimore. In June the Massachusetts Supreme Court established guidelines for the use of physical punishment, including ...

  • Volume 9 Issue 6 cover

    How Moving to the U.S. Shaped My Judaism If you’ve ever moved to a new home, you know how anxiety-ridden the process can be. Now imagine moving to another country and the enormous emotional adjustment that such a move entails. The new sounds, sights, and smells alone would be overwhelming. So you’d think religion would be ...

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