Resources – Vol 6, Issue 3

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The Jew and the Carrot
A blog that discusses issues involving Jews and food.

The Jewish Museum of Maryland – Chosen Food Online Exhibit
An online exhibit that has information about Jewish food and culture, focusing on the categories of immigration, eating-in, eating-out, celebrations, and the market-place

“Judaism Food and Social Justice” by Ari Hart
Talks about the new Jewish Food Movement, which aims to make kosher food a leader in fair food worker rights,and fair food access

“Identity Takeout: How American Jews Made Chinese Food Their Ethnic Cuisine”
Goes through the history of Jewish cuisine, ultimately leading to why Jews identity with Chinese food

“Making Kosher Wine, Finding a Path Back to the Fold”
About how two non-practicing Jews began to make kosher wine, and by doing so rediscovered their faith

“Red, White, and Kosher”
About how kosher food is becoming more popular and mainstream with the non-Jewish, by examining the history of kosher hot dogs.

Esn! Jews and Food in America
A slideshow of photographs from an exhibit about Jews and Food put on by the Yiddish Book Center

“Can Kosher Match Organic, Free Range Food?”
About some of the misconceptions about kosher food, and how to make kosher food better


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