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Pew Research Center survey: How many young Americans believe in God?
A recent Pew Research Center survey finds that 68% of young Americans never doubt God’s existence, a 15-point drop within five years.

Column: Why, God?
New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd explores how we look to God to operate in our lives, as well as how her own beliefs have changed over her lifetime.

Religion, Children, And The Rise Of The ‘Nones’
According to Boston NPR affiliate WBUR, five years ago, 15 percent of American adults were religiously unaffiliated. Today, that number stands at 20%. However, just because they are uninterested in joining a religious community doesn’t necessarily mean that they are atheists.

American Humanist Association
The objective of the American Humanist Association is to bring about a progressive society where “being good without gods” is an accepted way to live life.

“God particle” discovery ignites debate over science and religion
A brief overview of how the Higgs boson particle reinforces the beliefs of scientists who both do and don’t believe in God.

Book: A Case of Existence of God
Author Dean L. Overman examines the latest theories about the origins of the universe and explains why even the most sophisticated science can only take us so far, arguing that a belief in God provides the most satisfying conclusions.

The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person
Harold S. Kushner tackles the big questions about God raised by the Book of Job such as: What kind of God permits such bad things to happen to good people? Why does God test loyal followers? Can a truly good God be all-powerful?

Why Do Kids Believe in God but not Harry Potter?
Harvard professor Paul Harris examines how children learn and whom they trust.

Op-Ed: The Blessings of Atheism
Writer Susan Jacoby argues for the benefits of atheism, including the ability to concentrate on the fate of this world “without trying to square things with an unseen overlord in the next.”

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