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The American Institute of Philanthropy

This nonprofit charity watchdog organization helps donors make informed giving decisions. Their mission is to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar contributed to charity by providing donors with the information they need to make more informed giving decisions.

Jewish Funders Network

The Jewish Funders Network (JFN) is an international organization dedicated to advancing the quality and growth of Jewish philanthropy. JFN’s members include independent philanthropists, foundation trustees, and foundation professionals, and they seek to transform the nature of Jewish giving in both thought and action.

Grand Street

Grand Street is a place where young Jews (18-28 years old) who are or will be involved in their family’s philanthropy, can come together to develop a Jewish philanthropic analysis and capacity for strategic thinking, to create a space where they can find personal development, and, where they can build a network of their peers in similar positions of philanthropic responsibility.


Slingshot, A Resource Guide to Jewish Innovation, is an annual compilation of the 50 most inspiring and innovative organizations, projects, and programs in the North American Jewish community today. First published in 2005, and now in its fifth edition, Slingshot continues to highlight those organizations in Jewish life with particular resonance among the next generation.

The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

Philanthropy expert Maya Norton works in the nonprofit/philanthropy field in Israel and with Jewish communities abroad. She covers important issues in Jewish philanthropy, including best practice models in philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, donor decision-making, the nonprofit workplace, social responsibility, recommendations for improving fundraising methods, opportunities for partnership in the Middle East, and of course Israel and the Jewish community.

Watch for an entire issue on Jewish women’s philanthropy in Nashim: The contribution of Jewish women to philanthropy remains seldom studied and has yet to receive the substantial recognition a growing number argue it deserves. A special issue of Nashim: A Journal of Women’s Studies and Gender Issues will be published in 2010, dedicated to redressing this lack, with guest academic editor Brenda Brasher. The issue extends a conversation that took place amongst many of the contributors at a conference at Tulane University in the Summer of 2009.


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