Volume 9, Issue 4, 5776


Best of 5776

Come December, you’ll likely get inundated with “Best of 2015” lists; but how often do get a “Best of 5776” list (our Hebrew year)? We’re betting not often. So, this summer, we thought it would be fun to offer just that, with our most popular articles from each of the last five issues – a summer grab bag on a wide and intriguing range of topics. You’ll find everything from Jewish artists and tattoos to divorce and more uplifting rituals. The name “614” comes from the idea that, even though there are 613 commandments (or good deeds) for leading a Jewish life, there’s always room for one more. Our suggestion for No. 614 this month: Don’t wait until Rosh Hashanah to take stock of where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished.

Michelle Cove, Editor

In This Issue

  • A Double Loss Man worrying

    It took many years to realize that my rabbi, who offered so little comfort after my father’s death, was grieving too.

  • Wanted: Missing Jewish Husband Wood background Wild West style

    How Jewish women used newspaper ads and editorial stories to track down their deserting husbands.

  • Bringing Bigness to the Table lev

    Why one atheist rabbi says there is great comfort in questioning, storytelling, and acting “as if.”

  • Straddling Two Worlds sarah_art

    How Sarah Zell Young relies on ancient Jewish text to create her provocative performance art.

  • Keeping the Faith at 16 fabulous_flores

    Why Fabulous Flores became determined to convert to Judaism at the age of 16.

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