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Memoir Picks

If you prefer your stories to be true in addition to entertaining, check out these five amazing reads from Jewish women memoirists.

Nonfiction Picks

If you’re itching for highly readable books that enlighten you and provide good fodder for your summer BBQ, check out our nonfiction selections.

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Contemporary Fiction

For those who prefer to get lost in a made-up journey with intriguing Jewish characters, take note of our favorite fiction list.


Historical Fiction Picks

If you like your fiction to bring you back in time, whether it’s 19th century or the 1960s, you’ll love these picks we culled together.

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Comic Book Picks

Prefer a hybrid read of cool graphics meets autobiographical storyline? We’ve got five comic books by Jewish women for you to check out.

Volume 8, Issue 4, 5774

Summer Bookfest: Best of 614 Reading

From the Kibbutz to Barbie

How the model for Israeli beauty has morphed over the decades and come to look a whole lot like American beauty.

A Girl, Her Shoes, and a Place of Worship

When synagogue becomes more “house of fashion” than “house of worship.”

“You Don’t Look Jewish!”

Why those four words can be so hurtful, and how to handle it when you hear them.

Does Beautiful Equal Good?

The Bible and much of Western culture have equated beauty with goodness—not much different than today.